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Research Groups

  - Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing
  - Audio Digital Signal Processing Research Group
  - ICMA (International Computer Music Association)
  - Center of Computational Sonology of the University of Padova
  - MusicDSP mailing list


Paper collections and proceedings

  - COST G6 - DAFX
  - DAFx98
  - DAFx99
  - DAFx00
  - Julius Orion Smith III Global Index
  - ICMC archive


Other publications

  - Transformer Book
  - TrueAudio: Crossover design resources
  - TrueAudio: Loudspeaker design resources
  - RANE: papers and technical notes
  - Tubes Versus Transistors (by Russell O. Hamm)
  - Computer Music Links (by Softsynth)
  - Sergio R. Caprile's Home Page